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sexta-feira, 11 de maio de 2012

Esoterica "Idololatriae" EP

From the U.S arrives one of the most amazing surprises i had the pleasure to discover just a few days ago. "Idololatriae" is the debut EP from Esoterica formed by Esoterica (ex-Chaos Moon, Coffin) who does guitars, bass, keyboard, vocals and J. Blackburn (Inferi, Vital Remains) on drums. As i started to hear this EP, my jaw fell off instantly right on the first track. Soon i realize that i stood before some true esoteric black metal. It has some real crushing and amazing guitar and drum work, the voice is beyond great and those atmospheric, ambient keyboard sounds are just the cherry on top of the cake. Genius!

The constant storm of riffs on tracks like "III", "Dilated" and "Idololatriae" automatically bring to my head well known acts like Blut Aus Nord, the sound of Esoterica's guitar, when it's not shredding some cosmic universe in half, it morphs into this serpentine hiss that allied with that whole atmosphere conjured by the drums and keyboards, simply elevates us into this whole cosmic and intangible level of heretic black metal. What i love the most in this EP, besides the sound and production that is absolutely awesome, is the dimension that the music of Esoterica has. The use of instrumental/ambient interludes although some people find them useless, when used wisely i believe that enhances and it gives to the whole record a solid and unique personality. Don't expect that this band fits into that traditional black metal doctrine, where the tremolo picking sound and the usual avalanche of blastbeats sound flat and repetitive, Esoterica's sound is much richer and full of layers and layers that will delight every single fan of this breed of black metal. Every detail is as important as the next one and within them lies the success of this EP. The whole atmosphere of "Idololatriae " is breathtaking. It's by far one of the best EP's i've had the pleasure to hear this year. Not sure if the band will release this as a physical copy, i'll try to get that info and will update that soon. Meanwhile you can check their Facebook page here. And please Esoterica... we want more. I was blown away by this. Total winner. The download link was given by the band, so the least you can do is thank them. Highly Recommended!

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  1. This EP is so fucking good. preview a track @

  2. Ya know, as much as i really do like this guy's riffs, it's really always followed the same, very sophmoric song structure. This opinion has been the same opinion ever since chaos moon. I don't claim to be an expert on anything music related, other than what i myself enjoy listening to. Each project he's put out has had this A B A C A B (or some near equivalent therein) song structure, and i've just never been able to get into it. Very Horna. Very Nirvana. And unfortunately, very un-interesting to me. Do love the riffs though man!

    1. I'm not familiar to Chaos Moon or other projects by Mr. Esoterica. That's something i think i must work on later. This band was a total new discovery for me, and based on what i've been hearing lately when it comes to new albums/bands in the BM genre, i was quite surprised by the quality of this release. I am no ubber music expert either, just like to talk about good music i find. Different opinions are always around the corner, i hope you enjoyed this EP. Cheers. †H†