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sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012

Ende "Whispers of a Dying Earth"

Based in France, Ende is the project of I. Luciferia that also plays in Reverence, Osculum Infame and Leben Ohne Licht Kollektiv. I.L basically does almost everything on this album except the drums. And the result is quite remarkable. Somewhere between Kvist, Taake, Emperor or even Bathory, Ende performs a melodic, atmospheric and above all violent and extreme black metal. This debut album,  "Whispers of a Dying Earth" was recorded during the spring a summer of 2010, except the two last tracks, recorded in 2004. It begins with the classic spacey atmospheric intro before dragging us into this dark vortex called "De Profundis" that suffocates us in this blastbeat and tremolo picking whirlwind, while this wicked chorus of voices yell deafening screams at our ears as we are submersed into his darkness. The track "Thorns" is a remarkable track and the most Emperor-esque influenced to me, maybe due to the proportion of keyboards used. But there are also other great tracks featured on this awesome debut by Ende. We are already used to witness great black metal acts coming out of France, and Ende, although it shows a more nordic influence (this band could easy come out of Finland or Norway) is no exception. For a debut album, "Whispers of a Dying Earth", is well above average black metal releases. "Whispers of a Dying Earth" is available at Obscure Abhorrence store. Recommended to all puritan black metal fans.

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