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domingo, 6 de maio de 2012

Flagellant "Monuments"

Here is an album i've been revisiting a lot lately, "Monuments", the debut album of Sweden's Flagellant released back in 2010. Carrying 6 tracks only, which in my opinion is the only flaw on this album, "Monuments" delivers with success pure straightforward black metal forged within the fires of Hell. If you're looking for some comparisons, well i could say it resembles with Watain, Sargeist or even Valkyrja, sharing the same frozen melodies in total celebration of evil. "Monuments" is quite good and a strong debut album, the good news is that the band is working on a new album as you read this, you can preview a new track here,  just hope it doesn't come out as they say on their Bandcamp, in 2037... well at least they have a sense of humor. If you dig the traditional Swedish black metal, then this an album for you to check out. The work here is done right, melodic yet harsh guitars and a voice spitting poisonous words of blasphemy on every refrain. You can buy this here or in a dozen other distros out there.. just google it.

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