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sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012

Tree Of Sores "A Cry Of Despair" EP

Hailing from Leeds, Tree Of Sores deal in epic, dark and ambient soundscapes moving from moments of sombre refelection to unrelenting nightmare, and "A Cry Of Despair" is their brand new EP. After a very well received first EP, released last year, i instantly became a fan of this Leeds triad. This time the main dish is something very different. Featuring one track only, "A Cry Of Despair" is an ambitious track that will delight every atmospheric sludge fan for almost half an hour. It begins with some inebriate notes that give rise to this heavy and dense atmospheric sludge avalanche, that along its 27 minutes, glides on some more melodic or even post rock atmospheres. "A Cry Of Despair" is indeed a delight and a beautiful sonic experience for our ears particularly to the fact that it sounds genuine and pure. If you seek honest music coming straight from the heart, then you found it. Limited to 250 copies, this CD comes in a clear sleeve with a 240mm x 240mm double-sided print that showcases the art of the amazing Black Uroborus, that you can visit here. It is also available as pay-what-you-want download through Bandcamp. If you wish to support the band by buying the EP in physical format,  then contact them here. Or buy it here. Highly Recommended.

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