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terça-feira, 8 de maio de 2012

Cult Of Occult "Cult Of Occult" EP

Cult Of Occult are a evil quartet coming from France and this is their first EP, delivering 4 tracks of the most hated-filled and poisonous sludge made in Europe.  I've seen this floating around a lot when it came out last year, so when i got this request coming straight from one of the members of the band i really couldn't say "No". 4 tracks featured on the digital release, there's a 5th extra track available in the CD that you can order here. Not sure if there are any copies left, please email them or the band, to know if are there any copies before moving on with the order. The EP starts off with "Blurry And Muzzy" where these thick riffs chop their way into this very dense and smokey atmosphere while in  "I Hate You" the band punishes our ears with some real guitar feedback while the voice spits all of this hate towards us. "Walking in the Desert" is a more slow, trippy but groovy track, it has indeed a more stoner facet attached to it. The last track "Cult Of Occult" is an epic track that drags itself at a slow snail paced rhythm that reaches almost the 10 minute mark. Basically this EP presents us a band making very well made sludge with a more stoner/doom-ish approach. Good sound production, good voice, all instruments played right. In general a very tight and effective release that strengthens even more the european sludge scene. The only band i can think of that are playing as equal good sludge as Cult Of Occult right now, are probably the italian Grime. And i really dig that "occult" approach the band made with the cover art on the EP, it reminds me a lot of this amazing album. So check this band out, you won't regret it and most of all... Support! 

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