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quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2012

Immemorial "The Downfall of Astral Radiance"

Immemorial is a brand new project coming from France. It features some members from bands like HKY, Eibon, Comity and Arms Of Ra. Initially formed by D. (main responsible for astral radiation, keyboards and sounds of dark matter) this collective have drawn "The Downfall of Astral Radiance" that will be paired with the dark ambient project Leben Ohne Licht Kollektiv, which features I. luciferia of the band Reverence and Ende (that i talked about some days ago here on FxC about his amazing debut) in a split release cd entitled "Quantum of Abstract Physics".

Described by the band as "total terror funeral drone", Immemorial present us an amazing sonic experience throughout half an hour. Feeling like almost an out-of-body experience, "The Downfall of Astral Radiance" starts off with a kind of atmosphere that it would suit perfectly into a terror-sci-fi-thriller movie like "Alien". This whole spacial atmosphere takes our mind far until we hear nothing but this electronic, industrial, dark ambient sounds. Dark and cold sounds that wraps us in about 5 minutes until the first droning riff crushes our skull and opens the gates of sheer space horror. From there on the tracks develops into several moments distributed between some peaks of more vigorous and crushing doom riffs and the dark atmospheric side of drone/ambient music,  culminating in this claustrophobic environment of pure terror and darkness. Certainly a release you must not miss. Follow this project steps here and visit their blog, where you will find more info about this awesome project. Hopefully the cd will be available this summer, and there will be three labels producing it Cold Dark Matter Records, Frozen Wings Records and Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions. It features a great artwork by Dehnsora. Could not recommend this more. Check it out below.

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  2. One of the best ambient records I have ever heard. Dark, sinister and mysterious, it bears resemblance to Blut Aus Nord in some parts!