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terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2012

Whorls "Demo"

Perishing from the same malady that affects their fellow country mates, Hexis and other-newly acts like Ajuna (from whom i already talked about here) are Whorls. Whorls started as a "non-serious" sideproject to Putrifier by the two guitarists Emil and Mads in late 2011. But as Putrifier was dissolved in the beginning of 2012, Whorls became a full band. All five members, with the same approach to the music. 

Hailing from Denmark, Whorls are a new band that is now starting to take its first steps on the post-black-chaotic-sludge-metal scene. These guys drink from a lot of different influences, but the most obvious are the influences from Celeste, The Secret or even Altar of Plagues. The band presents itself, for now, with only two themes: "Irreversible" a spiral of an authentic blackness that it is ingrained to the bone and lashes some serious blackened riffs with its powerful core with some hints of a more progressive sludge so characteristic in bands like Celeste, but at the same time it possesses, on the second half of the track, some massive yet sharp sections reminding me a bit of the riffs living in the "777" saga from Blut Aus Nord. It's almost inevitable talking about Whorls without mentioning these two bands, Celeste and Hexis. First, Celeste, who were practically the precursors of this kind of sound, this plethora of flesh melting blackened sludge that erodes deeply into to our bones. Second, Hexis, being countrymen of this band, with whom they have already shared stage with, such mental image of this joint venture is completely devastating in my mind, just thinking that if there was someone who came out of that show in one piece and lived to tell about it, and for being a copy, well i don't like to use the word "copy" i think it's not fair to use it on Hexis, because they took that "Celeste sound" and give it their unique and innovative sound, but what i'm trying to say here is that Whorls also share that sonority. In the second track, "Sitgma" we are immediately dragged in that chaotic wave of sound, which through repetitive riffs, crushes us completely. It is a very short range track but at the same time it is devastating. The tracks presented by Whorls are dark and very dense, so dense that they become almost suffocating and rarely leave us a little breathing room. Whorls are another brilliant sample of what Northern Europe has to offer and judging by the quality of this sample, i look forward to hear much more from this young band. The Demo will be out soon through Bookhouse Records. Meanwhile you can stream and listen to the tracks on the Whorls Bandcamp. Keep an eye on this one.

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