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quinta-feira, 17 de maio de 2012

Ajuna "Incomplete Circles Becoming Dead Ends" & "Perpetual State Of Disbelieve"

Ajuna is a Copenhagen, Denmark, based quintet, dedicated to grey toned harsh music since 2009. Hard working and committed to assault both listener and live audience, they have earned the reputation of being a rather chaotic and aggressive act live. They assimilate a lot of genres, like black metal, shoegaze, post rock, post hardcore and maybe some post metal side to it too. It all results in this great post experimental blend that culminates in this energetic atmosphere. The sound of Ajuna is indeed fresh and it has that nordic european touch attached to their sound that i personally love. 

So far they have launched these two Demos last year, "Incomplete Circles Becoming Dead Ends" and "Perpetual State Of Disbelieve", and now they are preparing to launch a debut EP called "Death In The Shape Of Winter" that will be launched thru Neh-Owh Records very soon. I must enhance that the production of these two Demos is excellent, the sound is very clean and sharp, you can hear every instrument very clear. I'm glad to witness such great acts like Ajuna sprouting from countries like Denmark from where also come of of my favorite and delicious killer bands, Hexis. I can sense a brilliant future for this band as well, as you dive into their songs you will notice how technically brilliant musicians they are. Their songs might not grow on you at a first listen, but you must listen to it with very attention, and then you will find details like that muscled bass sound, those keen guitars, the vigorous drumming and that harsh voice, that will make you say in the end: "This is great!". There are some slight differences in these two Demos, it really shows the path the band is taking, and you can tell the evolution as they are finding their sound, Ajuna's sound, and i enjoyed a lot these last tracks featured on the single "Death In The Shape Of Winter", it presents us a more dense, blackened kind of depressing, bleak sound. If this nordic beast evolves even more, then we will be facing another monster in the new post black metal wave scene here in Europe. I like it and i wish to hear more please. Thank you. Meanwhile you can check what these guys are doing here. Recommended! In the download link below you will get all three releases. Enjoy!

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