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quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2012

Tardigrada "Widrstand" Demo

Tardigrada are a atmospheric black metal band from Switzerland and holds in its current line-up Kryptos (vocals, guitars and lyrics), Threnos (guitars) and H.A.T.T. (drums). "Widrstand" is their debut demo and i must say already at this point that this is one of the best Demos i've had the pleasure to hear this year.

I surrender and deliver my soul to Tardigrada. They create music that pierces my body, reap my soul and elevates it to the heavens, to the level of the Norse gods. This is absolutely amazing and genuine music. It feels always like the first time, everytime i hear this wonderful Demo. Tardigrada's sound is full of genuine and raw emotions that inspire sadness, shapes it, with those thin, sharp and cold riffs, and spits it out through an incorporeal storm of raw energy through Kryptos desperate screams. It starts with "Uftakt" a beautiful, deep and dreamy atmospheric instrumental intro that is totally overshadowed by the following track "Hoffnungslos",  this track absolutely swipes me away. Its atmosphere is painted in shades of grey and charged with melancholic sadness but at the same time it holds an almost poetic side to it, as if they were always connected together. It's this attraction to sadness and depression that draws us closer and closer to the edge, as we are under the spell of Tardigrada. The title track "Widrstand" follows it's ancestor and continues that ravishing storm of negative energy, as Kryptos screams tear through the icy thin wall of the guitars and the drums unloads all of its fury upon us mere mortals. The end arrives at the sound of "Einsamkeit", the epitome, the compendium, the end. Only tears. No life. No salvation. No ascension. Just loneliness. Tardigrada's music seems simple but the way they craft it is absolutely beautiful and filled with emotion. I will never get tired of asserting that this is one of the Demos of the year. 

Tardigrada "Widrstand" Demo tape is available at Fallen Empire, few copies left, so hurry. Follow the band here. Highly Recommended. 

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