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segunda-feira, 4 de março de 2013

Blessings "Bittervatten"

Blessings are a three piece Sweden based dark and crust hardcore with some sludge influences featuring members coming from very different bands of the swedish scene like Scraps Of Tape, Anchor, Fä and Chester Copperpot.  With this Demo, the band introduces us a a very raw, stripped down, almost a kind of live captured sound. The tracks fall in a little different from the usual dark hardcore kind of bands, for example,  there are some tracks like "Bittervatten" that seem to fit in a more classic registration of classic northern European acts like JR Ewing or The Spectacle and then we have tracks like "Worms of the Earth" that is quite vicious and sounds pretty much like Cursed. And there are tracks like "The Shrine" that are absolutely original from the start to the end.

What i really enjoy the most in Blessings is that this band has really a different point of view and that they are going in a different direction, dispersing themselves from  the rest of the pack. The vibe expressed through their music is really great. The songs on "Bittervatten" are really original and quite fresh. A factor that really makes me want to listen to this Demo tape over and over.

There's also a loose song on Blessings Bandcamp, entitled "Black Vestals" that is really awesome. It sounds a little bit more sludgy than the tracks featured on the "Bittervatten" Demo. Here, the vocals remind me a lot of older Neurosis and the riffs are absolutely crushing. I'm really enjoying the path the band is taking. Really hope they keep it up like this. Too bad the tape is sold out but expect new stuff soon. This band slays, another great promising and original band from Europe. Check them out below.

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  1. yes really promising band!
    I also think their strenght lies in that they bring something different. I have to check the new song.
    if you're interested here's an interview I did with one of them by mail :