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sábado, 2 de março de 2013

Encircling Sea "A Forgotten Land"

Australia's Encircling Sea have marked their return this year with their third chapter entitled "A Forgotten Land". With 4 songs that clock around 68 minutes, "A Forgotten Land", is an absolutely wonderful introspective journey. This new album continues clearly the lineage of "Écru", although i feel that the black metal vibe has resurfaced a lot in this new album. But still you can expect a very coherent and very eclectic atmospheres: a fusion of sludge, post-rock, ambient and atmospheric black metal. Having members that are involved in so many other musical projects, this congregation of influences turned out pretty damn good on this new album. 

About the tracks on "A Forgotten Land", while "Yearn" and "Transcend" dwell between atmospheric sludge and the most atmospheric black metal of territories, the track "Become" is an authentic breath of fresh air with its acoustic facet with the band revealing a more folk side featuring male/female voices and violin parts, a perfect track to listen while making a long trip. Closing this chapter is "Return", an epic 20 minute long track stuffed with great harmonies that creases even when the band crosses barriers to more hostile black metal lands. At its core, the music remains, pure, sincere and beautiful. This track the cherry in the top of this majestic album. 

"A Forgotten Land" shows us Encircling Sea with a very cohesive and massive sound, reminding me a lot of the same production heard on Downfall Of Gaia's amazing "Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes", just me sayin'...

Looking at the cover, it seems the right place to really enjoy the music featured here, in plain solitude away from all the urban chaos of our daily lives. 

"A Forgotten Land" double LP is limited to 300 and pressed on 200gm black vinyl. Packaged in a reverse board gatefold sleeve with a doubled sided 300gsm recycled stock insert with artwork and photography by band members Dase and Rob. If you live in the US grab it here, if you're from Europe check it out here. Meanwhile the band has decided to put the album as "name your price" on their Bandcamp, but i must tell you that all donations made there will go for a good cause:

"All proceeds from this digital download will be donated to Still Wild Still Threatened, a grass roots forest defense group based in Tasmania, AUS."
So, by getting great music you're also contributing for a good cause. Recommended for fans of Skagos, Addaura, Falls of Rauros, etc.

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