† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quinta-feira, 7 de março de 2013


UNRU are a raw black metal crust influenced band from Germany and this is their first Demo. And at this point i must already confess that this that you're about to hear is devastating. Sorry to lift up the veil already but i really couldn't help myself. "DEMO MMXIII" consists of 11 tracks of the most vile, vicious, bile filled blackened metal covered with layers and layers of dirty, repulsive crust.

It starts with "I" which is basically an intro to this whole mayhem we're about to witness. Along the 11 tracks there are, at least, four more sequential interludes that are named from "I" to "V". And between them? Absolute inferno. With a very DIY kind of sound, UNRU tracks are authentic bursts of (evil) energy surrounding the concepts of: Ecstasy, Dissociation, Impotence and Displacement. And maybe some other occult and unknown concepts. The black metal influence on UNRU's sound weights as much as the crust/d-beat one, conjuring a kind of sound that is very aggressive and animalistic. Nevertheless, the sound featured here is absolutely great. It has depth and a unique character of its own. Eyes on this band, UNRU are simply destructive. I totally fell into this immediately after a first audition to this amazing Demo. This demanded vinyl or even to be released in tape.

These guys will be on tour with another awesome black metal band, Sun Worship (who recently released a new EP that is awesome), so if you're in Germany check the dates and try not to miss them live.

To all the others you can stream/download as "name your price" the Demo and buy some merch here or check UNRU Facebook page here. Highly Recommended.

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  1. unru demo MMXIII was just released by caligari records on tape