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quinta-feira, 21 de março de 2013

Flagellant "Illumination"

Little is known about Germany's Flagellant, a one man band that began back in 2004 and has released so far, two demos and this latest EP "Illumination". Flagellant's sound is hard to describe since it embodies a lot of different sounds from where we dissect genres like drone, ambient, black metal, shoegaze or even post punk... it's hard to tell. In this new EP, the sound is so harsh and noisy that we can only distinguish the rhythm of the blasbeat through the muffled sound of the pedal from the drumkit. Flagellant presents a very thick wall of atmospheric and corroded kind of black metal sound that ended up by pleasing me a lot. It reminds me a bit of the atmosphere from Echtra's "A War For Wonder". The atmosphere created with these two themes is great and inspiring, sounding like nothing you have ever heard when it comes to this genre. Between that harsh wall of sound, the guitar draws some solos that end up by giving the songs a fairly solemn facet. The fact is that Flagellant is not for everyone. Only few minds will get into this. But that's why we are all different, right? "Illumination" EP will have its physical form by the hands of Negation Records, so all of you interested in this, send them an email, or contact Flagellant directly through Bandcamp. Enjoy.

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