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quarta-feira, 20 de março de 2013

Hope Drone "Hope Drone"

Now i just discovered this on Bandcamp while i was checking some random black metal acts. The minute i pressed that "Play" button i was instantly surrendered to it. Hope Drone are a black metal band  hailing from Brisbane, Australia and formed by members who also play in bands like IDYLLS and The Fevered for example. With the hand of Mr Sanford Parker behind the production of this release and mastered by Dan Randall (who mastered Ash Borer), the result is really above the average. Hope Drone's music can be described as a more contemporary style of black metal, i can almost describe them as a more accessible version of Ash Borer, not that they are copy cats of the Californian band, no... don't get me wrong.

Hope Drone really took all the influences they get from all these new and old black metal acts and created their own vision, and what a really impressive vision it is, i must confess at this point. With such great names behind the making of this, the sound featured here is at least great. Blistering, rabid and extremely well executed. Beginning with "Advent", that is served as the perfect appetizer for what we're about to hear. The drum marks the hypnotic rhythm as the guitars scream feedback in the background for almost two minutes of the five and half minutes that this track lasts. Raging blastbeats are unleashed over a thick layer of killer almost "cascadian-ish" black metal riffs that are chained to Chris Rowden's agonizing harsh vocals. "Finite" a colossal track that through its almost 12 minutes that it lasts, unfolds some amazing melodramatic riffs who have the power to create in us a feeling of melancholy totally caught up in a whirlwind of anger. "Grains", another of those tracks that unravels bit by bit, a track filled with some more gentle moments but also full of an invigorating and brutal energy that catches us off guard dragging us into a vortex of blackness. "Ash", the closing track, begins in a melancholy tone almost in a way of a farewell, but still the band gathers energy strong enough to invoke some blistering blackness.

One of interesting aspects is that even though the tracks are long, we never get that feeling that the band disperses, a common factor that usually happens in ambitious young bands in the genre. The band seem and sounds focused and by doing that they have created an amazing piece of music here. Which just proves that Hope Drone is here to stay and with this release they make a solid statement creating a status of respect amongst the new and veteran bands in this genre. An album that is fresh, invigorating and captivating. Not to be missed. Amazing debut.

Hope Drone's debut is available on the band's Bandcamp where you can download as "name your price" although i encourage you to support such creative new acts like them. Follow their moves on Facebook too. Highly recommended!

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  1. parker did an awful job with Leviathan's last album. That dude sucks, everything he's involved with is bad; this being the exception.

    Not bad at all, hits that "modern black metal" craving quite well, although they're not the most original sounding.

    1. To be honest with you, despite the fact Parker was behind Leviathan's latest album, i really enjoyed that specific album. In this case here, nothing ground breaking sure... but when it comes to quality, this is the best new thing i've heard in a hand full of months.