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sexta-feira, 29 de março de 2013

Ride At Dawn "Blast Cage"

Toronto's Ride At Dawn are back again with their second full-length "Blast Cage". Recorded in their practice room in midwinter of 2012 using a single harmonica microphone, "Blast Cage" introduces us 6 vicious themes with a more stripped, crude, ugly treatment. The sound on "Blast Cage" is quite different from the one we heard on the "Human Altars" LP, not that the sound on "Human Altars" was all polished and neat. It was more ascertained, but still corrosive as Hell. Here on "Blast Cage" the sound is more.. how can i say: "in your-face". No studio mambo-jambo, no tricks, nothing... it's meant to be served and eaten fucking raw.

Starting off with the venomous "Serpent Riders" which has carved in it, a very punk-ish black metal vibe, very similar to the kind of stuff you can hear on Darkthrone's "F.O.A.D" in their later punk/d-beat, call it what you want, phase. But not all here runs at a frenetic pace, the next track immediately cuts us down from the initial rhythm the first track put us in. "The Eldritch Matriarch" moves at a more slow almost morbid pace, crawling in a foggy cemetery where shadows seem to creep behind old and mossy tombstones. This is probably the slowest song on this new release since the four following tracks continue to distill the corrosive black punk metal from Ride At Dawn filled with simple, yet effective, riffs that tear our flesh apart as we penetrate deeper into the tracks. A rabid blast of mean, ugly and vicious black punk metal. Like raging rats trapped in a rusty cage... Great stuff.

The first run of 100 tapes will be available via survivalist so keep your eyes out for this one.

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