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sábado, 30 de março de 2013

Ommadon "IV"

Ommadon are Ewan Mackenzie (Drums, Keyboards, Noise) and David Tobin (Guitars, Noise) an independent duo and former members of mythical Scottish doom band Snowblood. Now as Ommadon, both Ewan and David are committed in making some heavy doom/drone atmospheres. "IV" was recorded all by themselves in the highlands of Scotland. All live, no overdubs and mastered by Billy Anderson. Basically "IV" consists in two tracks reaching in total, almost one-hour of length. The first track, "In the presence of absence",  is a rich composite of sounds and textures that unfold gently, slowly giving way to a pit of noise and distortion, filled by this instrumental barrier composed of drums, guitar and noise, quite in the style of a Moss, Atavist or even Gog if you seek comparisons, to which the band crushes and reduces to dust the frame that was early designed at the beginning of this track that started well by way of foreplay and now ends in climax. "Beyond opposition", a 26 minute long beast, soon reveals the monster that is, stuffed with decibels moving at a very slow pace, the pace of a snail, circling around us and tightening the siege on every passing minute, suffocating us until our own very end. It is true that it doesn't introduces anything new within' the genre, but if you like your doom/drone quite thick and full of decibels, then I invite you to spend an hour in the hands of Ommadon. I, personally I'm a sucker for this kind of beasts. "IV" is available in CD with an all hand-crafted packaging, head straight to the band website or contact them through their Facebook page.

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