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sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

Depravation "I​:​PRAEDICTVM"

Depravation are a metallic hardcore band from Germany and they have just released their first Demo entitled "I​:​PRAEDICTVM". Introducing two bestial tracks of the most furious metallic hardcore and an instrumental track, "Praedictvm", which is served almost as an outro. Back on the first two tracks, the opening track, "Wrath", really makes justice to it's name. What starts with some killer black metal riffs soon morphs into this metallic hardcore beast that reminds me allot like acts from the past like Morning Again, Disembodied, Arkangel, that breed of bands... what turns out to be a good thing, at least for me. Seeing that, intentionally or not, Depravation are reviving this kind of sound into nowadays, is really good. It brings out that nostalgia from the past when i used to hear a lot of bands like the ones i've just quoted. So far so good. "Ruins Of Mankind" another moshing track where the band spills all their hate upon mankind, filled with some killer riffage and some poisonous vocal work. After all of this hate essay, the Demo is closed with is just an ambient/atmospheric track where we get some sort of a celestial peace lying above the ashes caused by all of that war on the first two tracks. A good Demo that really deserved some more tracks. Let us wait and see what the band will come up with in the near future. Released and limited to 50 copies, the Demo tape (25 white / 25 black ; each with different covers; handnumbered with human blood) is being released in CD (with a very cool packaging) you can be proud to own by buying it here. Check the Demo here and for more infos, livedates and stuff visit their facebook page. Shred!

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