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segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012

Dr Doom "Everyone Is Guilty"

You like Nasum? Rotten Sound? And other acts that fit in the same profile? Then i present Dr Doom, delivering true grindcore from the Netherlands. Dr Doom features current and ex-members of Aborted, Atrocity, Dodechahedron and Herder.

The music on this album is in a perpetual state of explosion; every note is another package of C4 going off on your doorstep, and it is package full of surprises, but no happy birthday here! The riffs are fast, crusty, very diverse and occasionally technical, but always filled with a bestial ferocity. Drums echo the riffs astoundingly, with an incredibly human and frantic performance on the kit giving even more life to the music and animating even the most calm sections. The greatest departure from the established Nasum style is in the vocals: here the music is accompanied by aggressive unhinged screaming, where every word feels like it takes five lungfuls of air to be voiced. Just when one brief track has completely used its musical ideas up, the band shotguns into the next, never leaving the listener space to breathe or comprehend what happened until the disc has finally finished... and leaves you gasping for air...

If you enjoy razor sharp grindcore with a hint of crust/hardcore, this should be the next item you add to your collection. Dr Doom is alarmingly good at this style of music, and it’s rare to see a band in this style never lose step even for a moment in their race towards self-destruction and chaos. Buy it here.

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