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quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2012

Resurgency "False Enlightenment"

Two words: "Greece" and "Death Metal". Excited? Keep on reading...

I really think this blog needs more death metal... feeling inspired by the latest Father Befouled post, i leave now with another good gem for the year. The debut album for the greek band Resurgency, who delivers a good slab of well made old school death metal. Above all this release is brutal. And the production of it just stenches "old school" in every of it's rotten skin pores. Right now i'm too busy doing some freelance so i'll leave you with a fine description of this great album here at the Haxan's den, so you can get an idea of what to expect here.
"This 4-piece Greek act RESURGENCY plays Death Metal the right way, combining an unmatched brutality of bands like DEICIDE and TORTURE KILLER with "Leprosy" era DEATH - and that way managing to drop a few pairs of jaws completely wide open by sheer amazement on the band's 10-track debut full-length studio album, titled "False Enlightenment". Carrying lots of high-velocity energy and brutality capacities like these Greek lads have managed to get for their songs on "False Enlightenment", there's no way a serious Death Metal consumer would leave this record completely untouched. RESURGENCY have it all, to pave the way for a new coming of Greek Death Metal, which is about to get unleashed by a vicious, vast storm if this record is something to go by. "False Enlightenment" is about fast tempos, great riffing, a genuine vision of having the right components sticking to each other seamlessly - and first and foremost, about understanding some basic facts how make some truly entertaining, kick-ass (old school) Death Metal without any compromises. That's what you are about to get on "False Enlightenment""

Enjoy it, but most of all, support it. Buy it directly from the band: or contact them here.

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  1. I support more death metal on F.C., 100%.

    Mostly because then I won't even have to post on TLD anymore.

    1. What took you so long to comment?! Busy instagramming? :)

      One thing that kinda bothers me a little is the bands asking me to post their album when it already on every blog around the corner...

      But yeah, i really feel i need to balance thing here a bit.

      Thanks for dropping a line amigo.

  2. Hey, Billie's not gonna take pictures of herself, pal.