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segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Necro Deathmort "The Colonial Script"

And now for something a little bit different.

Dingy, gritty sounds that creeps, lurks, builds, elongates, teases, and piledrives you in the face with switchblade beats and apocalyptic crescendos. No wonder that they have supported Ulver, Shining, and d.USK among others. Over the course of the nine tracks on "The Colonial Script", you can expect to hear grainy, doomy ambience, whirlpools of 23hz low-end scuzz, acidburn waspsynth buzz, thudding and juddering feedback-ridden roars, distorted nihilistic yelps, doomscaping visceral breaks, buzzsawing smackstrung loops, all seamlessly weaved together in a brutal but beautiful tapestry. This duo consists of AJ Cookson and Matthew Rozeik, that somehow managed to merge the disparate worlds of black and doom metal and hard-edged electronic/ambient music have put together another brilliant combination of the two, sounding like no one else in the process, in the best possible way. 

I must confess i'm not the biggest fan on the use of digital/electronic devices on metal, like digital drumming, keyboards, etc. I usually have a tendency to look away and escape from those kinda bands/albums. I just like things simple and fully live by the formula (G+B+D) = guitar(s), bass, drums. The use of electronics on metal?? The first thing that comes into my mind is nu (yuck) metal.


Except... if their aim is only to enhance and create the most darkened atmosphere you'll ever face. That's precisely what happened as i heard this album, Necro Deathmort's "The Colonial Script". I was almost preparing to skip this album as the first digital beats spread all over the opening track "Imperial", but something made me hold in order to hear more of it. The reward came immediately near the end of the track, and on the following track "Led to the Water". Heavy, crushing riffs opened their way through a winding path and draw some mysterious space forms that lurked in this spacial horror. While listening to this, as i look to the artwork of the cover, instead of skulls, demons or other esoteric/occult imagery i get an astronaut. And immediately my imagination goes beyond this earth and into the most obscure corners of the Galaxy. And as a game nerd, it clicked: "Dead Space... this is the fucking perfect Dead Space soundtrack!". Game nerds will feel me on this one here. 

The core of this album is somewhere between dark electronic ambient stretching it to a most aggressive metal territory, filled with pummeling digital drum beats, crushing guitar distortion and very neurotic screaming vocals as heard on "Led to the Water", "Arrows", "Theme From Escape" and "Insecto!". For me the best tracks are indeed the heavy ones where guitar prevails, but on the other hand i also dig that dark and sinister electronic atmospheric tracks. No matter the path, the result is the same: Darkness. So, if you're seeking something different, stretch out your mind and get into this dark horrific sci-fi soundtrack brought by this interesting duo. It has became my late addiction while working late at night, just with a very dim light on the desk. The CD is available here and it's meant to be played at maximum volume. 

And suddenly i'm feeling the urge to play Dead Space again...

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  1. I'm actually playing through dead space right now...might put this on in the background as I play with the lights off and sound up. gonna get spooked yo.