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terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2012

Mare Cognitum "An Extraconscious Lucidit"

Born in the concrete jungle of Santa Ana, Mare Cognitum is a black metal band consisting of one member, Jacob Buczarski. This project began as an attempt to carve out it's own territory in the wider scope of black metal - a movement often viewed as a clouded sea of imitation and duplicity.

"An Extraconscious Lucidit" is the amazing second album brought by this amazing band. Inspired by  a celestial and cosmic dark scenarios, Mare Cognitum delivers an awesome example of cosmic inspired black metal, formed by a constellation of tracks forged within the power of the eternal fight between light and darkness. And knowing that all of this celestial maelstrom is brought by only one entity is hard to believe, Jacob Buczarski, the man behind Mare Cognitum proves his knowledges again with this second release by shows us his amazing musical skills. 

We are immediately overwhelmed by the opening track, "Collapse Into Essence" that serves an built-in intro until it unveils within unleashing a mystical void of atmospheric black metal with some very beautiful melodic passages. The production involving "An Extraconscious Lucidit" sounds really good, and enhances all the instruments perfectly adding some depths to Buczarski voice, giving it a more cold and soulless personification. I must also admit that the guitar work on this album is superb, it has layers and layers of sharpening riffs, solos, that tangled with those ambient sections, very à la Wolves In The Throne Room, it ends up creating an atmosphere that really captures with success the cold and dark atmosphere Mare Cognitum wants to transmit to us. An amazing album you must discover.

The most beautiful thing one can experience is the mysterious.

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