† And then the Curse swept the Earth

sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2011

Amnis Nihili

From Greece comes Amnis Nihili, a new Black Metal band that features Panos Agoros from Dephosporus on vocals. "Christological Escalation" is the stunning debut release from this Greek band that merges the most memorable moments of Norwegian Black Metal bands and contemporary French BM bands, with a real dark and esoteric touch that end in a raw, eerie, dark, sonic landscapes. Expect something splendid in the vein of early Watain, Antaeus, Leviathan or even Lurker Of Chalice. You can't miss it with that artwork, once again made by the great Viral Graphics, who have already worked for Desphosphorus. You can buy in CD format directly from the band here, or in vinyl format here. Recommended!!

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