† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quarta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2011


Here's a killer request that dropped in my mailbox some days ago. Hellcrawler are a metallic d-beat/crust n' roll band from Slovenia and with their full length "Wastelands" they give us their own personal vision of a devastated post apocalyptical world. The album kicks i with an epic intro, from what better movie to illustrate this album? Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.. fuck yeah! So prepare yourself for fire, self made leather jackets, spikes, knives and war!! Without truces, Hellcrawler, delivers in exactly 30 minutes a vicious slab of raw crust n'roll with some interludes in the middle like "Wastelands" and the epic ending outro "Demons Within" but also some Motorhead/Venom/Doom worship in "Motosluts From Hell". In overhaul, "Wastelands" is a solid release that will certainly satisfy the hunger for those into this genre. "Wastelands" is available for free in digital format but also in a digipack cd and they're looking for someone willing to release it on wax. For any other info check them out on Hollow Earth Records or in the bands Facebook.

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