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terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2011

El Ego

El Ego are a metal band from right next door, Spain. I refuse to use the tag "Melodic Death Metal" because i really hate this label... C'mon, "Melodic" and "Death Metal"?? What's so melodic about Death Metal? Moving on.. This is their debut album from 2009 called "Winds Of Glory". In my opinion it is quite a good release, even better than their latest "We've Been Dead Before" released this year. One of the things i like in this album is the sound, it's really good. I love the guitar tones and drumming. The production is also quite good. You will surely notice on their sound some influences from bands as At The Gates, Disfear and also The Great Deceiver. The instrumentals are also remarkable in this underrated release. "Winds Of Glory" is one of those albums i have in my iPod that when i stumble upon, i can't stop listening to it until the end. "Winds Of Glory is a shot of pure adrenalin, you just can't stop headbangin'.. trust me.

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