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segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2011

Seasonal Code

Seasonal Code is an experimental/atmospheric Black Metal band from the U.K and i was totally unaware of this band until i heard "Aortian Dialectus", that is basically a compilation of some of the material previously released by the band as Demos that have been now remastered. It seems that this band no longer exists by the name of Seasonal Code, they cut the Seasonal and now there's only Code. I know nothing about Code either... but after what i heard here I'm feeling kinda tempted to check them out. All i know is that "Aortian Dialectus" was one of the pleasant things in the veins of atmospheric Black Metal i heard this year. The package of this compilation was also appealing but i think it's sold out too. In "Aortian Dialectus" we get killer riffs, some nice vocal lines and a nice slick production assuming that they kept the original structures of the songs. This is an album really worth checking out.

2 comentários:

  1. Code is incredible. Check out Resplendent Grotesque. Quite possibly the best album of the last decade.

  2. Thanks Persona, for the recommendation, i will definitely now check out Code.