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quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2011


Ok, so here we go... it's the first Top of the Best Releases in 2011 here in FxC. In my opinion, it has been a great year in music in general, specially in heavy music. We had great great releases, some new and fresh albums and of course some disappointments. I have chosen to catalogue my List as "Releases" instead of dividing it in "Albums", "Demos", "EPs", etc.. because to me, there were quite a few releases that came in the shape of Demo that were better than many albums out there, to be honest. Due to several great releases i had to split this Best Of 2011 List in some parts (oh gluttony!), so i'll start from the end, leaving the finest ones to last (surprise, surprise). Enjoy!

- 15 -
One of the revelations of the year, with this self titled album, Bacchus, proved their potential and earned at their cost, a privileged space in the actual hardcore/neocrust scene. A very good album indeed.

- 14 -
These Cursed v2 kicked some serious ass with their Demo and this EP. Their crust influenced hardcore convinced everyone that they are here to stay and this is just the beginning. Now under the shadow of Southern Lord, they will shred like nothing you've ever seen before. Hope they launch a full length soon

- 13 -
Awesome debut from Heartless. Brutal powerviolenced hardcore in the veins of bands like Nails, Surroundings, etc. They totally opened their way through by punching, kicking, biting, shoving everything and everyone. A total bulldozer of devastation. No wonder they were caught by Southern Lord as well.

- 12 -
I love these dannish boys... really. I don't know why, but european hardcore, specifically, from northern europe, has that quiet, innocent and angelical look but inside they eager for blood. Hexis are definitely one of the finest hardcore bands Europe has to offer and are the maestros of this hellish cacophony. Their blend of hardcore, black metal and sludge leaves me beyond words.
- 11 -
The perfect copycats of Cursed, one of my if not, my favorite band (RIP) In this case what did you expect? After some great Demos, Low Places are already a well known name in the actual hardcore scene. These guys have successfully filled, with joy, the void Cursed's extinction left in me.

- 10 -
Another great debut and revelation of the year, featuring members of neocrusters Fall Of Efrafa, Momentum delivers a different approach, a more melodic hardcore but still with very influences from crust. "Whetting Occam's Razor" is an awesome conceptual album that carries a lot of meaning and passion.

- 9 -
This is, unfortunately, the last breath of Baltimore hardcore thrashers Pulling Teeth. The band have recently stated that they have accomplished everything they had to do and are moving on. So let's just hope that they bring new great projects. At least they quit in style. "Funerary" is one hell of a record and with no doubt had to be here as i'm sure it will be on many Best Of lists around the World. Solid, Fast, Vicious, "Fuck You!"... That's Pulling Teeth's funeral my friends.

- 8 -
What can i say? I love this band, love their sound, love Jonah's voice like i said before... This EP, man... like a truckload of ammunition out of control. Besides bringing great tunes, these guys also give us a lesson of History with this EP. "Defeeeeeeennnnnd!! Defeeeeeennndd the Laaaaaaaaannnnd"!!

- 7 -
A hardcore band that brings us a different approach, a more Neurosis/Isis influenced sound that culminates into this wonderful album. Great harmonies, great production. Seraphim's "The Light In The Distance" is one of those albums i never grow tired from hearing it. Heavy crushing sections blend into hypnotic psychedelic riffs and beautiful acoustic passages. Amazing.

- 6 -
Raw caustic noisy hardcore punk. That's how i can, in few words, describe you "Devoured". A great FOAD album, carried with furious drum passages that almost sounds like Black Metal, and the aggressiveness of Powerviolence. A fucking great album.

- 5 -

- 4 -
Fast, herky-jerky hardcore punk with insanely melodic guitar lines that are juxtaposed with tough and unique vocals over a driving punk sound. Man, when i hear this i was wanna get drunk and party. Wiccans manages to balance power and catchiness in one of the best hardcore LPs we've heard in awhile. 

- 3 -
Will Haven. Will fucking Haven. This album marks the return of original singer Grady and it could not be any better. What a crushing, heavy album "Voir Dire" is. Being such a great Will Haven fan, i was very pleased with this album. A total orgasm. Fantastic!

- 2 -
One of the most dark and menacing hardcore albums of the year. Young And In The Way know their shit and they are growing bigger, bigger and bigger. Like a fucking storm. If you dig hardcore, or let's say, the dark side of hardcore, and still haven't heard about this band, then i don't know what the fuck are you doing.

- 1 -
Young Widows - "In And Out Of Youth And Lightness"
One of my personal favorite bands ever. I know this is not quite hardcore, but fuck it.. i had no place else to put these guys in. Young Windows, as time passes by, are getting better and better. Great musicians, great guys, great tunes. "In And Out Of Youth And Lightness" is a beautiful album with great dark atmospheres, unexpected instrumentation like only YW can deliver, bold arrangements.  An awesome, awesome album.

That's it for now... hope you've enjoyed it. Feel free to drop some lines in the comments and stay tuned for the forthcoming Lists.. soon.

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  1. Superb list, sir. Great year for hardcore. Bummed Pulling Teeth broke up this year.

  2. Thanks brett. Yep.. too bad the about the Teeth. They killed.

  3. that wiccans record is my favorite hardcore album of the year. glad to see it on your list.

  4. No Trap Them?!
    *flips over table*
    *storms out of room*

  5. @adam

    True, i love the sound of it... thanks.

    Who said it's over?
    *grabs junkgod by the collar and sits him down at the table*

  6. yo haxan if you like heartless, check out my band drought. our bassist is also in heartless. they're our boys.

    our second lp will be out next year sometime

  7. Hey Haxan you've forgot Daggers!

    Cool list though, still need to check out Young Widows haha.

    Great blog by the way :)

  8. Thanks man. I've forgot a lot of things in this genre probably.. Daggers are cool, i didn't put them because i haven't heard the new album properly.

  9. I wouldn't even want to go through all of the stellar albums that came out this last year to create a 'best of' list. Aside from Weekend Nachos and Will Haven, all of these albums were in pretty high rotation for me too. Oh, and good call on that Baptists release; it caught me completely off guard and I just kept on coming back to it. I actually live a couple hours from where the band calls home, but I slept on the 7" so I had to order it from a distro in Europe. haha.

  10. Boas escolhas aqui também. Young Widows <3 :)