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segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2011

Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk is one of those bands that have been here for years.. have a bunch of albums but, for some reason i can't explain i never listened to them until their 2007 release "My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment Of What My Love Could Be", although this release didn't grew on me the same thing didn't happened with 2010's "A Small Turn Of Human Kindness".. the sound of this specific record, man.. The riffs, that howling voice in despair... damn. I really love this album, some might hate it.. but that's life. This album just made me look back in their discography and dig deeper to their sound. "Small Turn.." riffs are thrown into the atmosphere like some funereal doom chords that hang in the air like stink and just stay there while frontman Creston Spiers, with his unique and recognizable voice tone, strange howls reaches heights of lowness. Too bad Preston is out but still, with this album, the band continues to refine their mixture of heavy riffage, sheer noise, and unexpected detours into introspection and delicate, emotional instrumentalism. I'm prety sure that this album will please every sludge fans who aren't familiar to the band's work.

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