† And then the Curse swept the Earth

sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2011


There's funeral doom, there's extreme funeral doom, and then there's Bunkur. These guys could easily be claimed as a music genre.. wait, did i said music? These guys just love to stretch it as far as patience ends. This is not an album for the mere doom listener (Warning: This is not an album for the mere doom listener) This one is only for the hardcore doomsters out there, in particular those who have the time and patience to witness a single track lasting over an hour which features some of the most overwhelmingly depressive, bleak and despondent doom metal to ever be captured in plastic. It's difficult to find the words to describe the utterly desolate landscape this album portrays, oh man.. where to start?  

Featuring some of the most saturated distortion ever to be used on a guitar, it froths upon each chord struck, crackling and fizzing in its sustain between notes, slowly coming down on you like a lead weight sapping all signs of buoyancy from the room. Even the fucking birds will stop singing outside, and you might even catch a few purposely flying into windows to end their pitiful existence. Extended ear-piercing feedback rings out throughout between notes, echoing with accompanying screams and howls of sheer anxiety and gut-wrenching desperation. The minimalist drums offer some substantiation of rhythm, but in the main they reverberate behind each chord that's battered out, with a fading beat between each crushing guitar explosion. 

The earth slowly tearing itself apart, continents flaking away from their tectonic plates, floating away from mother earth into the stratosphere before the whole planet implodes on itself leaving nothing but detritus as a pale reminder of humankind. It's "Bludgeon", love it or hate it. You think you can handle it?

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