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domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

Anhedonist "Netherwards"

Finally, one of the albums i was really dying to hear this year, fell from the sky. "Netherwards", the first full length by Seattle's Anhedonist. "The Drear" was, and still is, one hell of a Demo, a true hymn to the most sorrowful death/doom. But with "Netherwards" they put on the table a more heavy, and man... i mean HEAVY, deliverance of the most thrilling, deep, obscure and crushing death/doom. As soon as the first song started and this monolithic wall of doom fell on my ears only one word came to my mind: "Crushing!" Believe me, this is much heavier than "The Drear".

For those who are not familiar to this band, Anhedonist play a slow, heavy, dark, dreary and depressing funeral death doom in the vein of bands like Incantation, Disma, Disembowelment. The sound of the guitars is down tuned with tons of distortion almost in a sludgy way, that enlaced with the drums, sounds like a monstrous thunder breaking right above our heads. But not all is about heaviness in this album, Anhedonist can also prove their skills by delivering some amazing grievously melodic passages. "Netherwards" features a rich atmosphere that is sometimes sorrowful and depressing and other times evil and vicious. "Netherwards" really is a masterpiece in all of his corners, when it comes to this style of music. You can grab a copy here although it will be out on Parasitic Records soon too. And later on this year it will be released in vinyl. Highly Recommended! A big thanks to my pal Sanakan of the always amazing Equivoke for lighting me the path to this one.

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