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segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

Torche "Harmonicraft"

The mighty Torche are back. After 4 years since "Meanderthal" in order to fill this year with another splendid release, these boys bring "Harmonicraft" in their luggage. I gotta admit i love this band since day one. Every album is just amazing and these guys know how to throw one hell of a party. I was lucky enough to see them live once and it was fucking fun and loud. In this new album, they deliver a rainbow of tracks that will please every Torche fan. Playing as a quartet again and after their latest "Songs For Singles", i was kinda worried that they would loose all of that heavyweight sound they brought us on "Torche", "In Return" EP and in "Meanderthal". Their sound has become a little bit more polished, but the spirit remains the same, just look at the tracks, since the opening track "Letting Go", that carries the Torche watermark all over it, to "Walk if Off", a song that brings me the grunge years, a more fast, nirvanaesque track, to "Solitary Travel", a more melancholic yet melodic track that only Torche can pull off, and the instrumental title track "Harmonicraft", this album is all about positive energy and having fun. Wacky riffs are thrown all over the album as the artwork certainly reveals that psychedelic but always humorous side of Torche that we all know. Great album from great dudes! Buy it here. Recommended!

OBS: Link has been taken down... i won't re-up this, sorry. But i bet you can find it just around the corner.

3 comentários:

  1. My least favorite release from them so far, but I still dig it. I've got the cd on preorder and I'm seeing them in June, stoked!

    1. Yeah.. this is going to be my soundtrack for the Summer. I remember Steve coming out of the stage and playing in the middle of the crowd.. and after the show we went out and talked to him, really cool guy. Have fun dude.

  2. Awesome. I'm not really excited to see anyone else on the bill (Gaza, CoC) but if they play Face The Wall or Out Again or Sundown I will die.