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sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2012

Esoteric Youth "Demo"

Esoteric Youth are a relatively young band coming from the UK and this is their first Demo, delivering 5 tracks of misanthropy, depression, bleakness and the Armageddon, as they say on their blog. Although I'm getting a little bit, let's say, fed up of this blackened-crust-hardcore genre i pretty enjoyed the Demo from these lads. The Demo begins with "Waldensamkeit", a really good instrumental intro i just wished it was longer, only because i'm a sucker for long and epic tracks. The tracks "Canis Pullus" and "Illunga" simply dump all of that contained anger we all know in this genre, "Litost " is another interesting track, it has more variation of tempos and it sounds more obscure than the previous ones, it finishes of with "Hive Collapse", a real kick in the face that features this annoying droning noise layered beneath culminating into stormy sounds. I truly predict some really dark skies if this young band continues on. Of course there are some rough angles to polish but that vanishes off with practice and time. I truly enjoyed the more slow and experimental tempos explored by the band, i think if they dig in deeper then we will have a fucking awesome band. Keep it up! A big thanks to those music junkies from Music As Heroin for this find.

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