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domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Elm "Nemcatacoa"

This is what I'm in the mood for today, it's sunday night, it was a very windy day, the sky was all day filled with dark grey clouds. And this is just what i needed to clear up my mind from all of my worries. Elm is Jon Porras (from Barn Owl) solo creation. His music retains the megasonics of Barn Owl, but finds his tutelage deep in the heart of the desert. "Nemcatacoa" is a lonesome, epic journey. Named after one of the deities of his Colombian heritage, his latest full-length (and first large-scale solo release) feels huge and endless. Walls of guitars shatter beneath the weight of the booming percussion blasts that find their way from the caves into the light. An acoustic guitar is mournfully plucked, the beginning of a procession of the dead. "Nemcatacoa" is an album begging for somebody, anybody to find and embrace. Even though this album is dark and at times bleak, it never overpowers. Traversing similar aural planes as Sunn O))) and Earth, Porras is staking a claim all his own. As his voice wails over blankets of guitars, he never loses sight of the golden life ahead. It’s dark, it’s epic, it’s a full-fledged metallic drone masterpiece. Not sure if it's still available here, better email these guys before ordering.

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