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segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

Hivelords "Grand Cromlech"

Hivelords are a relatively new band taking their first steps on the scene, this is their second release (they have released a first Demo almost at the end of last year) "Grand Cromlech", produced by Chris Grigg of the band Woe. Featuring two tracks only, it sure left me begging for more. Away from production, which gives the tracks this sound almost as if they were played live (it pulls to my mind the kind of sound production you hear on Coffinworm's "When All Became None") each track is brilliantly crafted which leave us absolutely at the mercy of the quality of this band. "Upon arrival at the grim structure" start in this wobbly, drunken slow pace while the voice lurks in every shadow and lashes us with their cries of agony, and from there on it drags us thru this dark alley during 7 minutes. "Divining goliath astragals" is a more different beast, not as slow-paced as the previous track, it begins automatically with an attack of blackened riifs and blastbeat rhytm. And along those 7 minutes we are constantly tangled in this web of blackened sludge designed by Hivelords. An amazing sample for sure of what's to come. The band is giving this release for free at their Bandcamp. So go there and listen to one of the most promising acts in these couple of years.

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