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sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

Nisroch "Demo" & "Split"

Nisroch are a blackened hardcore band from Jacksonville, they have released so far a Demo and a Split and man... i really hope for a full-length soon. The music of Nisroch is solid and very cohesive, giving you really little few time to breathe, in fact, the only time you have is to engulf just a little bit of air before being sucked in again to the depths of these dark and murky waters. The quality of these tracks are in pair with other well-known acts like Heartless, Full Of Hell, Hexis, Brutality Will Prevail, Young And In The Way and many more. If you enjoyed these guys Demo wait until you hear the tracks from the split with the band Crooked Look. Nisroch definitely are in another league, they are on the right path, destroying and burning everything around them.. i just hope they make enough smoke for someone to spot it and give them some spotlight and recognition. Because with a quality like this, they really deserve it. Check them out below and see what i mean. Follow the band here.

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