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sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

Kehlvin "The Orchard of Forking Paths"

4 years of silence and finally the light... or the darkness : progressive-hardcore Swiss act Kehlvin are back with a brand new album, "The Orchard of Forking Paths". With this new album we find Kehlvin giving birth to its most solid and devastating record so far. Taking distance with their previous love for long instrumental parts and reveling a major propensity to let distortion talk, the band explores a whole bunch of new directions through a more extreme riffing and a sense of melody unseen so far, all of this brilliantly displayed in savage songs. Still focused on high quality writing, Kehlvin knows how to develop intriguing melodies without losing any dynamic. Powerful but sensible, "The Orchard of Forking Paths" is nothing less than a mind blowing new step in the band carrier, taking sludgin’prog-hardcore to the next level of beauty and intensity. Buy it here. Follow the band here.

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