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sexta-feira, 13 de abril de 2012

GGUW "Gegen Gravitation und Willensfreiheit"

From Germany arrive one of the most oddly interesting black metal releases of the year. GGUW (Gegen Gravitation Und Willensfreiheit) that translated to english means something like "against gravity and free will". This release really pushes the boundaries of black metal and really gives it another concept brought here by GGUW with their unique and brilliant interpretation. When i first found this i just stared at that cover trying to figure out what that was, what sort of creature? A weird cloak? Is it the front or back? The fact is that what you see here is exactly what you'll hear on the inside. Bestial, insane, harsh, raw, primordial black metal. The voice is high-pitched and inhuman.. like we are watching some kind of ritualistic transformation from man into beast. This avalanche of black chaos is sharpened as a wolf's teeth and it will devour you with no mercy at all. Clearly one of the most innovative and outstanding black metal releases i've heard this year.

Tragically, the band’s guitarist Wolfrano Ketzer reportedly took his own life at the beginning of March, so I’m not sure what are the band’s future plans. The only guarantee you will have is owning one of GGUW’s releases with the one and only original line-up. You can get your hands on this, buying it straight from the band here or at Fallen Empire. My copy just arrived yesterday and i can't wait to give it a spin. Highly Recommended.

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