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terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2012

Severe "Severe"

Another cool newness is this self-titled by Belgian band Severe, brought to my attention through my pals PTD171 and Luxury_Cannibal over at Perception Through Dissonance. Severe play this really abrasive and raw sounding black punk metal. Do not confuse them with the roll of latest blackened hardcore crust wave, these guys have nothing to do with that.. these are true grim punkers with their hands dirty with blood. Delivering 5 tracks of the most pure and filthy caustic black punk metal made here in the old Europa, Severe present us some really good tracks and i look forward to hear most of this band in the future. Recommended for fans of acts like Black Monolith or even Hexis. Check them out below and stay out of drugs kids.

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  1. Really digging this album.
    You should check out WTCHDR. Excellent thrashy, crusty hardcore from the Canadian west coast.