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terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2011

Blue Ox

Here is one of my latest discoveries.. from where? What? That's right.. from another Bandcamp expedition. You might thing i spend all my time around Bandcamp, well, to be honest i don't go there often, i really would like them to change those Search criteria. The thing is, if i don't go there than probably i won't find these awesome bands. And Blue Ox are definitely one of them. Now this band kicks ass. Their brand new album "Stray Dogs On Pity Party Island" is their ring and if you even dare to go in it, then my friend... you're going to get hurt, really hurt. I can describe their sound as a "polished-hardcore-sludge", the guitars have the tone for sludge but not as dirty, the bass and drum just add that extra weight that will knock you down to the floor.. and the voice, man.. the voice. Dennis voice has gotta be one of the most pissed-as-hell out there. "Stray Dogs On Pity Party Island" can be shortly described as an offspring of Pantera and Mastodon. The album delivers 8 heavyweight songs that as as soon as you start to hear them, it will go out in a flash. Not that all songs sound the same, they are very distinct from each other, you even get one 8 minute song in the middle. In the end i think this is a very impressive album. And this band still has a lot of hatred to expel. So keep your ears on them. They will soon play with the mighty Battlefields and will also support The Atlas Moth, all in the same show, soon. So if you have the chance to see them live, be sure to don't miss it. Meanwhile get this baby here.

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