† And then the Curse swept the Earth

terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011


Manatees, a three piece from the UK that have been around since 2005. I remember listening to their first release, and i know that it didn't stuck at the time.. maybe due to the diverse offer of sludgecore bands at the time. "Just another band trying to leave its mark in the sludge swamp" i thought. Well, with this release "Icarus, The Sunclimber" the band really struck that sludge pond like a fuckin' rock. The band's sound? Think more of the mighty Melvins gritty sound, the filthiness of Eyehategod and add to that the totemic scene figureheads of the Neur/Isis axis. These guys have been silent for years now, i keep on hanging to the idea of something new to come out... one day eventually. Manatees made this release to be surely haunting and something surreally primeval. They definitely found their place in the sludge pond. Laced with feedback and noise, "Icarus, The Sunclimber" is far darker and bleaker than their previous release. On "Icarus, The Sunclimber", Manatees perfectly display their ability to mix crushing heaviness with sublime introspective ambience.A fabulous record. Buy it here. Highly Recommended.

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