† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2011

Sea Bastard

From Brighton, U.K arrives this colossal sea monster delivering three awesome epic tracks of doom. I don't know, but lately there are great doom/sludge coming from northern Europe, like my beloved friends Of Spire & Throne. Sea Bastard are no exception, it's good to see this real and pure sludge/doom emerge from new bands. As the first song begins and the first slow and salt water drenched riffs start to fill my head one band comes to my mind... Graves At Sea. There are some similarities indeed, the slow dragged riffs, that accent in the voice.. but nevertheless they achieve to gain their own style and although Sea Bastard don't name Graves At Sea on their personal influences, they have a long list with such greater names as Corrupted, Electric Wizard, Ramesses, etc... Judging by the quality of this release, one day they will be also named in someone else's list of influences.. I assure you that. Highly recommended.

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