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segunda-feira, 28 de novembro de 2011

Tamut Amen

Tamut Amen are a young promising band hailing from Israel that features members of death grinders Whorecore, grind hardcore thrashers Tea With Satan and powerviolence hardcore band Mondo Gecko. Tamut Amen define their sound as Black Metal, and after some auditions i can add to that the genre "Progressive". Its not that trve kvlt grim/frostbitten or that symphonic crappy Black Metal as we know it.. its on another level. If you're searching for comparisons, another band that comes to my mind are the greek Dephosphorous, but where Dephosphorous forged a beast of black/sludge/grind, Tamut Amen forged their own beast with black/grind/punk, formed by all the influences every member brought to this new band. The production of this Demo is excellent. But perishing from that "First Demo Syndrome" the band still has some uncleared edges to polish, most of them on the construction of the songs. The highlight of this Demo goes definitely to the first track "She Returned" i just wished they had explored more of this and applied it to the other songs. In overhaul judging by the quality of this Demo i'm pretty sure that we will hear more of Tamut Amen soon. Thanks for the band for sending me this. Good luck in the future guys.

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