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sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2011

Examination Of The...

What happens when a dirty, chaotic hardcore band from the early 2000's decides to slow things down? "The Whitest of Elephants" happens. Examination Of The… or Exam, started off in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in July 2000, consisting of ex-current members of hardcore bandsThe Spirit Of Versailles, Eclipse of Eden, The Attica Underground, etc. Their earlier material was faster and more metallic in sound and was also more popular among fans of the members previous bands. In time, the band began to head in a different direction, drawing heavy influence from bands like Neurosis and Isis, which can be heard on this, and unfortunately their last, full length. The band split up sometime in late 2003. And from there on, members split up in several directions, Across Tundras, Sewer Rats, Back When, Battlefields, just to name a few.

On "The Whitest of Elephants" there's obviously a huge Neurosis influence here, but there are enough other influences present that allow the band to stand on their own. They simply take all the right cues and make them their own, resulting in something quite unique. The vocals are gruff and gnarly, the riffs are thick, heavy, and really creative, the atmosphere is dense and urgent... What more do you need? One of my favorite things on this record is actually the drumming though, which is just played with so much energy it's hard to ignore. A true classic album that quickly became one of my favorites. Sludge fans take note.

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