† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2011


Hull's brand new album "Beyond the Lightless Sky " is a musical saga based on the adventures of the Mayan Hero Twins. It tells about the contrast between light and dark, as if to call attention to one of the central pillars of Mayan belief: duality. A concept album like this, with the artist’s intention so obviously laid out for the listener beforehand, is a tricky thing. Knowledge of a storyline can allow for a new level of intellectual engagement, but it can also be off-putting. Fortunately, "Beyond the Lightless Sky " does not feel limited by its grandiose concept; nor does it venture into gimmicky territory. The lengthy tracks are broken up by short, pensive interludes that help shape the story in a tasteful way. 

As the band’s own identity trickles in, so does the importance of the concept. Would "Beyond the Lightless Sky " be as powerful without knowledge of the story? Not nearly. Minimalist additions such as “Just a Trace of Early Dawn” and “Curling Winds” wouldn’t hold much weight. As parts of a whole, they make sense. “In Death, Truth”, tells the last bit of the tale; its authoritative riffs fade out slowly, like the dying breath of one of the protagonists, accepting the relief of final silence. “Lonely soul / In death, truth / Holy way out / Redeem.” I really liked their previous efforts, i'm still digesting this one yet. As we say here, "at first it is strange, then it gets in our guts". Buy here.

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