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quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2011

Rorcal & Solar Flare

After being locked down for 3 days in a humid basement, to write and record a collaborative track sounding as heavy as it could be with 2 basses, 3 guitars and supported by drums and vocals from the Mordor. The final result is at sight. A fierce collaboration between the belgian sludge doomsters Rorcal and Solar Flare. Basically Solar Flare brings cold and dark ambient themes, but if at a first listen you think it's dull wait until you hear the last collaborative song track with Rorcal... it will crush your skull. As said by the band itself:

"As concept and guideline, we found inspiration in the poem “La Ronde sous la Cloche”, taken from the book “Gaspard de la Nuit” and written by the french poet Aloysius Bertrand… although the legend says that this book was probably written by the devil himself. His text drags you into a world between nightmare, hallucination and darkness which we tried to reproduce musicaly."

All has been mastered again by Raph Bovey who produced the masterpiece "HLGBLS", the release is presented in a handmade digifile CDr format featuring tracks from Solar Flare and the collaborative song. Support this awesome band by buying their stuff here.

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