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terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

Aethyr "Nihil Grail" EP

The mysterious duo Aethyr strikes back again..

Recorded near Christmas of 2011, "Nihil Grail" EP, consists of two previously unpublished tracks, the first one "Nihil Grail" consists of a more blackened doom track, the guitar has that black metal tone but the pace, set by the drum, is slow... and the voice is harsh, culminating in anguish screams at the climax of the song at its final minutes. The second track "Temple Of Set" sounds more to a Aethyr as we know it. A more atmospheric, beautiful and dreamy, doom/drone track. The good news is that this EP might be a sneak peek of what is coming this year. A full length? I definitely hope so. The band, as usual, was kind enough to offer this EP for free at their bandcamp. Thanks a lot to Mr. W from Aethyr form lighting me the way to this one. Recommended!

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  1. Man, that first song is incredibly good. Just wow... And the cover-art too.