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terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2012

Ashdautas & Bone Awl "Split"

An awesome split between the amazing Ashdautas (RIP) and Bone Awl. Man, i love Ashdautas, and as the first notes start on the 22 minute epic track "Permillion Stars In Depths Familiar" i feel like i'm pulled of into this black sucking hole and transported into another dimension. Just like Arizmenda, Ashdautas have that uinque sound that swirls around and elevates you from the floor, it automatically transports your mind into a crushing dark, cosmic cacophony storm of sharp riffs and relentless drum beats and the voice... oh man... the voice, those shrieeeekkkksss!! I fuckin' love it. In the meantime Bone Awl bring what they do best, that itchy and raw-to-the-bone Black Punk Metal. I believe this split flew in hours so i guess you won't have any luck in getting a physical copy of this, but still, if anyone knows where and how to get it, drop a line in the comments below.. in the meantime: Get into the Black Void!!!

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