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terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

Moonknight "Ligeia"

One of the albums I'm addicted to lately, is this "Ligeia" from Moonknight, a Black Metal project from James L. Brown, guitarist of LA's black metal commandos Harassor who also runs the label Rising Beast. "Ligeia" consists of 6 new compositions that were actually recorded prior to many of the songs appearing on "Toplov" (the 2010's debut from Moonknight). "Ligeia" represents a more focused vision, with more than a passing nod to the early Scandinavian sounds circa late 80' to early 90's. But this is far from another Darkthrone clone... James L. Brown (aka Roach) draws from a variety of styles and sources like shoegaze, post-rock, thrash, punk, and synth ambience to make these arrangements uniquely his own. Accompanying this special CD package is a set of mini-art prints from Louisville, KY's visual assassin William David Pollard, who created a series of dark and disturbing paintings inspired by each of the 6 songs. The result is an infernal and surreal collaboration between two like-minded attack on the eyes as well as the ears. It will be soon available at Rising Beast Bigcartel, just keep an eye on this one.

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