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sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2012

Turdus Merula "Herbarium"

Having released last year a new album, i decided first to revisit Turdus Merula first full length, "Herbarium". This is a one woman (yes... i said woman) Black Metal project from Sweden, that basically does everything, from vocals to all the instruments. “Herbarium” is a concept album about hallucinogenic and poisonous plants. The latin word “herbarium” refers to a collection of dried plants. Each of the song titles refers to a plant with both hallucinogenic and toxic qualities. There is a distinctly ritualistic dimension to the music, from the hypnotizing blast beats to the dissociative melodies, all the sounds are oriented toward cultivating an altered state of consciousness and that raw production really accentuates the delirious theme of the album, that enhances what i really like about this album, the sound of it, not perfect, but good. “Herbarium” is an enrapturing album that is bound to please ambient black metal fans. Like consuming one of these plants, and being unsure if you have taken too much or just the right amount, “Herbarium” is both a haunting and inspiring experience.

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