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sexta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2012

Cruciamentum "Engulfed in Desolation" EP

Now this has been floating around for some weeks, my excuses but only now i finally managed to find time to put this up. This is a mandatory release that must be featured here on FxC.

England's Cruciamentum are by far one of the most important bands to emerge from that infectious time tunnel of 90s death metal. Regardless of whether you are more interested in the elder Swedish and Finnish tones being wrought by acts like Miasmal, or the direct Incantation lineage to the sounds of Disma, Vasaeleth and so forth, there is something here for you. Ominous, guttural vocals of the Incantation school, which, while not exactly original, are effectively menacing as they alternate between echoed, sparser passages and a more percussive, hostile meter. The drums here are also quite versed and flexible, with a lot of thundering warlike fills and steadier rhythms that feel as if they were built of the mud, blood and brick that confine corpses to the band's lyrical catacombs. Cruciamentum simply devastates. If you're really in for some honest and real Death Metal then don't sleep on this. You can get this awesome EP here or here. Recommended!

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