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quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2012

MAL "Eonian Quiescence"

Another great product coming straight out of the same land where demons like Blut Aus Nord and Aosoth were spawned, France.  "Eonian Quiescence" is the debut of the french band MAL, formed by the mysterious R (Guitars, Bass, Drum and Programming) and F (Vocals). I found this band randomly on one of my Bandcamp excursions. The sound MAL delivers is some sort of Horror inspired Psychedelic Blackened Doom. In general we have here a very eclectic album, while some tracks, like "Unsinkable (Super Sargasso) Sea" bring to my mind comparisons to the also Black Psychedelic Doomsters, Dolorian, other tracks like "Radioactivate (Interstellar Carrier)" due to the guitar sound, reminds me of Gothic Prog Rockers, Deadsy. The voice of F fits perfectly in the canons of the Black Metal universe, while that buzzing guitar create barriers of freezing horror around us bridged by all of those prog samples that enhance the dark atmosphere that "Eonian Quiescence" brings. The band is offering this interesting album for free at their Bandcamp, don't forget to say "Thanks!" here.

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